Phone Gaming

Gamers, Here’s Feature to Consider for Phone Gaming

Since mobile companies incorporated games in their cell phones, mobile phone gaming has become something familiar for every cell phone user. However, nowadays mobile games are getting more advanced with amazing graphics and developed technology particularly after the wide use of smartphone. Now, we can even play computer-based dadu online at game in our smartphone which is quite hard to do beforehand.

Features to Consider for Best Mobile Phone Gaming Experience

For you who love to play various games in your smartphone, there are actually some requirements that your smartphone need to have for the best mobile gaming experience. As we know, every smartphone comes in different specifications and some high-end games today require certain specifications too. And here are several features to consider for best phone gaming experience in your smartphone.

Phone Gaming
Phone Gaming

Screen and Resolution

In the first place, you should consider screen and resolution. We cannot deny that video games are mostly about visual experiences and better to be enjoyed in wide and good resolution possible. For this reason, considering a 5-inch screen or wider is ideal for the best gaming experience. In addition to wider screen, the resolution must be at least HD or even Full HD.

Processor, Graphic Processor and RAM

When it comes to the best gaming experience in your smartphone, you should consider your smartphone specs on processor, graphic processor support and also RAM. Today’s modern game demand competent processor and high RAM for smoother and better gameplay experience. For this reason, it is suggested for a smartphone to have Octa-Core or Quad-Core processor. For the frequency, 1.5 – 2.0 GHz must be good.

Phone Gaming
Phone Gaming

Battery and Power Optimization

Then, for the best experience, you will need a smartphone with good battery capacity as well since a modern game will be power consuming. Not only that they come in greater battery capacity, but also come in good power optimization. When it comes to gaming, it is recommended to go for a smartphone with minimally 3,000mAh battery to provide you more hours for playing game.

Storage Memory

The quality of modern games is surely getting better. However, it also means that they eat up more space in your phone memory. That’s why it is better for you to go for a smartphone that comes with high internal storage capacity. It is fairly enough to use one with 16GB internal storage. But, you may need to insert external storage for other files.